G Suite Enterprise for Education

We offer Full Domain (opportunity to individually license all active users in your domain) and Partial Domain (license only some of your active users) licensing.


Institution-wide email through Gmail

Shared calendars

Video and voice conferencing

Dial-in access to meetings (US and international)

Closed Captioning, viewer initiated

Larger meetings (up to 250 participants)*

Live streaming for up to 100,000 in-domain viewers*

Record meetings*

*Free student licenses are not eligible for meeting recordings, live streaming, or larger meetings (100 participants max)


Co-create documents and edit in real time using Docs

Collaborate on spreadsheets using Sheets

Work and learn together on presentations with Slides

Create surveys and quizzes with Forms

Manage assignments, feedback, and more with Google Classroom and Assignments

Unlimited originality reports

Student-to-student detection (beta)

Easy to create simple websites with Sites

Share and discuss common interests with Groups


Smart search across G Suite with Cloud Search


24/7 support via phone and email, and online

Faster response times from a dedicated team of specialists

E-discovery for emails, chats and files

Retention and archiving for Gmail and Meet

Audit reports to track user activity

Security and administration controls

Advanced mobile-device management (Android, iOS)

Data loss prevention for Gmail and Drive

Hosted S/MIME for Gmail

Enterprise-grade access control with security key enforcement

Data regions

Gmail log analysis in BigQuery

Integrate Gmail with compliant third-party archiving tools

Security centre

Security investigation tool

Anomaly detection (beta)

Advanced Protection Program (beta)

Security Sandbox

G Suite Migrate (beta)

Migration of Microsoft Exchange Online Archives (beta)

Migration support for Drive shortcuts (beta)

Migration support for shared Drive subfolder sharing (beta)

*Free student licenses are not eligible

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